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Violence Against Kandahar Police

A KP Spokesperson reports after the Violence

A KP Spokesperson reports after the Violence

In today’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, what many Americans do not realize is that the U.S. Military does not single-handedly perform much of the counterinsurgency combat fighting. Rather, our responsibility is to train and assist the Afghan and Iraqi Armies and Police Forces to fight the insurgencies within their own countries.

The BBC reported today a shooting at the Kandahar Police station where 41 Police Officers were arrested after aggressing members of an American trained Afghan private security force. Both sides claim that the other was attempting to release prisoners as shots were fired. Much still remains unclear about the incident which resulted in the assassination of the Kandahar Police Chief, considered a very influential leader in the modern counterinsurgency fight in Kandahar. This is evidence that unity of command still does not exist between the Afghan and American forces who must work together in order to successfully neutralize the Taleban insurgency. Cooperation between these two forces is essential to securing the region of Kandahar which remains the ideological hub of the Taleban insurgency. My unit, 5th Stryker Brigade, will deploy to Kandahar in the next several days to attempt to remedy these issues.


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