The Transition Home

Picture Perfect

Friends & Family,

Greetings from Boston! Over the next week, I’ll be indulging myself in a fatty, sugar coated, and slothful R&R Leave as I spend valuable time with my parents and sister. In the interim, I’d like to share a few photos of my tour in Afghanistan with you now that I have the bandwidth (both electronic and mental) to do so. You can find the images under the Pictures tab over the banner of this website.

Your support thus far in the tour has been truly humbling. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



8 responses

  1. Valerie

    Welcome home soldier!

    22 February 10 at 06:03

  2. Rajiv-

    Welcome home! All the stateside Srinivasan’s must be thrilled as well they should be. Thanks for the great video. It really sings. Enjoy your leave.


    22 February 10 at 18:18

  3. Amanda

    I’m so glad you’re home safely! Enjoy the time off… you deserve it!

    22 February 10 at 19:34

  4. Santosh

    Welcome home!! This is your much deserved R&R!

    22 February 10 at 22:45

  5. derekmartin2

    Rajiv – you don’t know me but I stumbled upon your blog some time ago and have anxiously awaited each of your posts. I’m just an IT consultant in Dallas but am in awe at the good work you folks are doing over there. Welcome home soldier, you are a fine representative of our great country and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service. Enjoy your rest and tell those ANA boys to quit blowing stuff up!

    23 February 10 at 03:51

  6. Nina M

    Hi Rajiv,

    You don’t know me but my son went to Bellevue High with Kyle. While I spent 20 years in the Army, and his dad is a graduate of the Coast Guard Academy, Gavin went to the Naval Academy. Army-Navy week is exciting here.

    I am also a friend of Cathy R. and helped put the Christmas packages together. I have enjoyed your blog for many months now when Cathy advised me of it. The pictures are fantastic.

    We are thankful for your safe return on well deserved rest and relaxation with friends and family. You guys are doing great work over there and we appreciate your efforts so much.

    Go Army!

    24 February 10 at 04:38

  7. Meredith

    It was amazing seeing you!!! I had a wonderful time, thank you guys SO much for having me. I hope that you’ve had a good time this week catching up and hanging out with everybody. Thank you so much for setting aside Monday night for me! p.s. I loved your pictures!

    25 February 10 at 02:12

  8. Jim Richards

    I know the feeling. The return to normalcy can sometimes be deafening. The softness of ordinary life, maddening!

    4 March 10 at 12:27

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