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A Soldier’s Reflection for Memorial Day


I wrote a Memorial Day post that’s featured in TIME this week. I hope you enjoy:,8599,2074001,00.html

Happy Memorial Day and warmest thanks to all who serve and have served.


5 responses

  1. P.A

    Great article. Very compelling.

    27 May 11 at 18:02

  2. Well done, Captain.

    27 May 11 at 18:39

  3. William (Bill) Kinzie

    Dear Rajiv,
    I will always approach Memorial Day with a different attitude after reading your eloquent piece. So glad you will have a wider audience as readers encounter you in a national news magazine. Blessings! Bill K.

    27 May 11 at 20:27

  4. Meredith

    Beautiful piece – thank you so much for your service and sacrifice!

    30 May 11 at 18:37

  5. A. B.

    CPT Srinivasan,

    That article was amazing. Not only because of the form it was written – how you actually put the reader in your shoes, feeling the same emotions as you did, even if the reader has never been in a situation any similar to this one – but your point of view on the matter.

    As Bill pointed out, this reflection on Memoria day was breathtaking. Thank you very much for putting that piece together. I wish I had seen it earlier.

    9 August 11 at 08:04

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