The Transition Home

10 years later


Here is a TIME article I wrote recently discussing how my life changed ten years ago when I was a high school student on 9/11/01. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.,8599,2092327,00.html?xid=tweetbut#disqus_thread


3 responses

  1. Bill Kinzie

    Rajiv…I was leaving Fleming from teaching my early morning orchestra class and heard about it on the car radio. Later, while getting my hair cut, we watched that horror unfold on the TV. We live in strange times…hatred reaps more hatred, love reflects its light sometimes and yet can incite hatred. If mankind can’t learn to live together it will perish.

    10 September 11 at 14:29

  2. God has a way of keeping us humble. I’d say America can be proud to have you serving it Rajiv! I seem to remember singing a song myself in my youth such as….God bless my underwear, for they are my only pair. Stand beside them and guide them through the night, with the light from above. Fortunately I sang it on a country road and not in the classroom! Glad to see that you’ve posted again….did the storms rage over your way? God bless you.

    10 September 11 at 18:47

  3. LCpl Hassan

    You’re being compared to MoH recipient Dakota Meyer, from your “Where’s my generator, spy?” piece.

    16 September 11 at 17:49

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