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It’s nothing new

But when it was China who had captured a US aircraft earlier this decade, there was at least some underlying assumptions that, no matter how tense our relations may be with  China at any given point, our two nations clearly have so many common economic interests that an all out conflict was really not probably in the short term over this matter. In fact, as I reference the Chinese take-over of the American aircraft in early 2001, most readers probably don’t even remember it. To refresh your memory, read here: Spy Plane Standoff

That all being said, now that it is Iran who has refused to return a captured drone, instinctively, Iran is walking a fine line between sovereignty and provocation. But the interesting question in my mind is, what would happen if the tables were turned? What would (does) the United States do when uncovering espionage attempts from foreign countries? Well, when it happens, it remains largely a secret. When your enemy knows that you are aware of his current attempts and procedures, the enemy adapts and continues to transform in a game of cat and mouse. But in even the most rudimentary counterintelligence training I’ve received, rule number one: don’t change your behavior…at least not at initial discovery.

What this tells me is Iran is falling into one of two categories

1) It has tremendous inexperience with counterintelligence and doesn’t know when or how to use its discoveries
2) It’s looking for attention

My limited experience in this space tells me that drones and unmanned vehicles are prepped for loss of communication and malfunction. After all, it’s a robot flying thousands of feet above the surface, and often hundreds or thousands of miles away from its operators…mistakes are assumed to happen. Thus, the actual capture of the drone is of little relative value to Iran, and this isn’t really much of the story that everyone seems to be making of it. But then again, I’m not the guy in the hot seat.


2 responses

  1. If we are lucky….Iran won’t discover that our drone is made out of corn flakes covered with frosted glue. I’m sure the tiny people that
    we created for this special trip are already out of the captured drone and collecting the valuable info that they were sent to gather. And they will never beable to find it’s secret eye….America does good work!

    14 December 11 at 00:13

  2. Mike

    I read your article on racism in the military, and yes it exists. My son is white, and he was in the marines. He was called by blacks cracker, honkey, and other racist terms. When I asked what happened the people who called him that and he said nothing. I asked if he said the same type of racist words to blacks and he said he would be kicked out of the service and he was told this by his commanders. this is rediculous, the political crap out of our nation now. It goes both ways and you need to be objective and report both, not the one side. It makes you look political also. so sad when our press doesn’t put out both stories.

    8 August 12 at 04:47

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