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The Uniform in Politics

For those who missed it, I was recently in TIME discussing the politicization of the military uniform that occurred the evening of the Iowa Caucuses. I hope you enjoy!

Rajiv Srinivasan:


2 responses

  1. I guess the soldier liked the idea of freedom of speech. I think he has a right to support whom he would, but in uniform? I don’t think all soldiers would like it….I think it is a minor error and I hope all goes well for all of our soldiers…whatever they are wearing!

    5 January 12 at 20:37

  2. Sorry. I don’t get it.

    “If the American service uniform truly means something to our nation, then we must start taking better care of those who wear it, have worn it and who continue to bear its responsibilities. It’s more than a simple ‘Thank you for your service.’ It means asking, ‘How can I help you get a job, care for your family, build a life back home?'”

    What does any of this have to do with Thorsen’s deliberate violation of well known Army regulations? He knew he was wrong, He doesn’t care about the consequences. And I believe your observation above certainly has merit, but it has precisely zero application to this matter.

    “I don’t know what consequences are in store for Corporal Thorsen; but deep down, I hope his punishment isn’t too severe. At the end of the day, by simply signing on the dotted line and serving overseas, he has done a great deal for America. Our country won’t gain much by ending his career, as some have advised. Besides, if we set the precedent that endorsing a presidential candidate absolves a soldier from having to go back to Afghanistan, we just might encourage the trend”

    He should fry, like any other servicemember who deliberately and with malice aforethought should fry, for viiolating this regulation or any other regulation. It’s one thing, you see, to make a mistake through ignorance. It’s quite another to deliberately disobey a lawful and known order.

    I freely admit I might be getting old and stupid. But as an officer, we have rules to follow; those rules are not optional, and this man damaged the image of the US Army. He did so deliberately.

    He knew he was doing wrong. OK, fine…. that’s his privilege. And for that, he should pay the maximum price. Can’t do the time?

    Don’t do the crime.

    And, BTW… for the Paulbots, this just means I’ll oppose him even more.

    6 January 12 at 06:02

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